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New Video | Suit and Tie – Justin Timberlate Ft Jay Z

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P. Diddy Announces TV Network

The largest cable operator in the U.S Comcast will be launching four minority-owned networks on its cable-TV systems in the next two years,which will include channels spearheaded by music mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and retired NBA player Magic Johnson.

According to AP, Comcast said two of the networks are majority black-owned while the other two are majority American-Hispanic-owned, with all of them programming in English.

It also said the networks announced on Tuesday that Revolt, which was conceived by P. Diddy and MTV veteran Andy Schuon, will have programming that includes music videos, live performances, music news and interviews.

Check out Diddy‘s announcement here:

Revolt is scheduled to launch in 2013.

In P. Diddy‘s voice: The revolution will be televised!

*Forgive me, I just had to say that.

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