New Video: Katikati – Dtones Martins

DTone Martins is back with a sizzling brand new video, “KatiKati.” Katikati is a Yoruba expression that literally means “nonsense. When one beholds the love of one’s life, speaking “Katikati” may become the in-thing.

DTone Martins beautifully clothes contemporary music in the attire of traditional folklore, delivered in unequalled vocals, well-versed lyrics and seductive melody. You should listen to his singles Sunkun Ife and Ife Gbagbara.

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2 thoughts on “New Video: Katikati – Dtones Martins

  1. DOLAPO says:

    This is lovely…

  2. amona segun says:

    Dtone has always been auspicious in music as a whole. He may not know that I personaly learnt some tips about music from him way back during our sunday show at NTA with Victor Eriahbie’s programme called EXPRESSIONS

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