The Writer Competition

What is it?

The Writer is an online ‘reality’ writing competition.

The Process.

Ten writers will be shortlisted from the entry submissions. These writers will contest in an online writing competition. The competition will require all writers to send in themed write-ups/posts weekly. Posts from all writers will be put up for members of the public to read and vote for.

At the end of the voting period, a panel of judges will evaluate the posts and score them using pre-communicated criteria. The public votes and the votes from the judges will be combined and based on this; one writer will be eliminated weekly until a winner emerges.

Who is it for?

There are no age or gender restrictions for the competition. All members of the public are encouraged to send in pre-qualification entries.

How to qualify?

To stand a chance to qualify for the competition, email a 1000word piece on the topic: “This Christmas” to on or before January 6th 2012. Only shortlisted writers will be contacted.


First – $1000

Second – $750

Third – $500


The writer competition will be hosted @

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